Shiny Pennies identifies and provides ongoing research on penny stocks (share price below $5.00) which have the potential to increase by at least:

• 100% within 12 months
• 500% within five years

Author’s secrets to finding penny shares which have potential to multiply by 10 times

My secrets to finding penny stocks which have the potential to increase by 10 times:

  1. Industry must be large enough for company to support a 1,000% increase in revenue and cash flow within five years.
  2. The more illiquid the shares, the better.  An undervalued business with illiquid shares is a confirmation that the company has not yet been discovered.
  3. Be disciplined to utilize strict buy price limits for share purchases.


Michael Markowski,
Shiny-Pennies author

Video (4:43) on research conducted by Shiny Pennies author, Michael Markowski, to identify two penny stocks which appreciated by more than 100% within one year and 500% within five years.

For maximum performance, Shiny Pennies searches public and private penny share markets.  To minimize risk, Shiny Pennies has the following policies:

  • Strict buy price limits for shares, which are adjusted as per market conditions
  • Companies must be operating or generating revenue

Shiny Pennies’ mission: To enable its subscribers to build diversified penny stock portfolios.

Shiny Pennies’ focus:

  • Primary: long term capital gains
  • Secondary: profits taken should shares become extremely overvalued

Note:  When warranted, recommendations will be issued to sell shares for a loss.