Price targets for Investview raised due to CEO hiring raised its price targets for Investview shares after the company hired a new CEO, Joe Cammarata.  Mr. Cammarata is 45 years old and has been involved in the brokerage and fintech industries for the past 25 years.      

The new share price target for 2020 is $0.66 and for 2025 is $3.70. also increased its price limit to purchase Investview shares to $0.05 from $0.03. 

Joseph Cammarata’s brokerage industry career highlights:

  • started Datek Online which was later acquired by Ameritrade.  
  • Co-founded and was CEO of Sonic Trading which was acquired by Bank of New York
  • Founder and CEO of SpeedRoute, which was acquired by and renamed tZERO.   
  • President of tZERO until May of 2018, which has emerged as the leading US crypto securities token exchange. 

Additionally, Joe is also a visionary.  He was among the first to mine bitcoin in 2009 and is a globally recognized fintech innovator, inventor and early adopter of financial technologies which are driving the financial services industry’s paradigm shift. 

Rationale for raising share price targets for Investview: 

  1. Mr. Cammarata’s employment agreement is incentive laden.  He agreed to a salary of $1 per year:   

    a. Paid commissions on the personal sales which he generates and

    b. Can earn up to 250 million shares upon Investview’s reaching pre-tax profit objectives.    

2. From the sales that Joe can make to his extensive network of global contacts the revenue and profits from Investiew’s highly scalable SafeTek and Apex wholly owned technology subsidiaries will grow much faster than originally anticipated. 

3. Since Joe is both young and accomplished investors will pay higher multiples for Investiew’s revenue and earnings.  

Finally, from my personal interactions with Joe, I know that Investview is the vehicle that he was looking for to enable him to become a billionaire.  Upon Investview reaching it’s pre-tax profit objectives and the share price reaching $3.70, Mr. Cammarata will become a billionaire. 

Disclosure: Michael Markowski is paid $2500 per month to be the startups expert for Kuvera Global LLC which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Investview.