The shares of Investview (symbol:INVU), which were initially recommended by Bulls N Bears’ Shiny-Pennies on July 18, 2019 at $0.0183 broke out to a 4 year high on 12/23/2020).  The shares traded as high as $0.12 and closed at $0.097. 

The one-day increase was 86 percent compared to the prior day (12/22/20) close of $0.052 cents.  Since Shiny-Pennies initial recommendation the share price has increased by more than 300 percent.


  • Specializes in identifying penny shares which have the potential to double in a year and multiply by five times within five years.  


  • Provides subscribers with continuous research updates and adjusts buy price limits when applicable.   The table below depicts the four limit price adjustments from 7/18/19 to 12/6/19

Shiny-Pennies is now in the process to produce an update on Investview.  The update will include a new buy limit price and a long term sell price target. 

The long-term price target in the December 2019, update was $0.66 per share.  To get access to the update subscribe to a 90-day trial for